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How do VIP hosts at Vegas clubs get paid?

Question by Quake22: How do VIP hosts at Vegas clubs get paid?
So, I have to find a VIP table at a Vegas club for my buddies bachelor party. I thought this would be an easy task. However, these VIP hosts are a bunch of pretentious sales people. I’m in sales for a major investment bank and I can clearly see through these hosts who are lying to me about what the bottle service minimums are and trying to upsell me when they quote me.

Is anyone here a VIP host or work in a Vegas club and know how these hosts get compensated? Do they get mostly tips? Do they get bonuses for upselling? Or what? I’d like to have this knowledge so I can negotiate a good deal. Thanks.
Also, do you think they are quoting me higher prices and greater bottle minimums becasue my group is all guys? Would it be different if a group of all girls was negotioating a VIP table?

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Answer by katdandawn
THEY PRETTY MUCH GET YOU FOR ALL THEY CAN.i have friend that’s a limo driver that explained to me how it works.sometimes they walk up and down the line of the club outside.they pick someone and tell them they will get you in for 600 bucks.that guy will keep 200.then they give the door man’s about 200 fo the bottle,and 100 for the good table.

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